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    BWT Bestmax water filter

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    Wasserfilter für Kaffeemaschinen
    BWT Bestmax Premium V - all-rounder Water optimization for gastronomy All advantages at a glance: Ideal water for your gastronomy, for longer...


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    BWT Bestmax Premium V - all-rounder

    Water optimization for gastronomy

    All advantages at a glance:

    • Ideal water for your gastronomy, for longer lasting machines & thus lower maintenance costs
    • Highly efficient & reliable limescale protection
    • Easy filter change
    • Less maintenance costs
    • Removes all unwanted accompanying substances
    • Flexible, only one universal filter head for all filter types and sizes

    What do you get out of it if your best espresso machine often breaks down and consumes too much electricity just because you are not using optimized water and limescale forms as a result?
    Nothing, except a machine downtime and thus higher costs and lost sales!
    With the BWT Bestmax filter system you skilfully avoid these problems.
    Thanks to the BWT Bestmax filter, only ideal water gets into your devices. As a result, lime no longer has a chance to attach itself to sensitive components such as valves and pipes and affect them. In addition, by installing the water filter, you prevent scale, a particularly stubborn form of limescale that cakes on hot surfaces of your devices such as boilers and heating elements and thus prevents heat transfer (higher energy costs for you)
    The purchase is worthwhile for anyone who cares about their machine and wants to keep it for a long time.

    About BWT

    BWT water optimization systems can withstand any challenge and with full ease of use. BWT already has a comprehensive and successful product range of proven classic filter systems and special solutions and is unparalleled on the market - this is the result of innovative technologies.

    Technical specifications

    The BWT water filters only fit the provided BWT filter head which can be used universally for all filter cartridges.

    Filter capacity in liters (hot water & steam):

    X - 600L

    S - 1,000L

    V - 2,500L

    M - 3,800L

    XL - 5,200L

    2XL - 6,800L

    Connection thread: 3/8"

    Inlet pressure, min.-max. in cash 2 – 8

    Manufacturer: BWT water+more Germany GmbH | Konrad-​Adenauer-Ring 13 | D-​65187 Wiesbaden

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